How to Choose New Windows For Your Home

If you are in need of new windows or are in the process of replacing your windows you might think where do I even begin? We have broken it down into a few tips to help you get started.


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Depending on what style of home you have depends on what type of windows will be the perfect match. Double-hung’s, casement and picture windows are the most common.

Double-hungs-  both sashes in the window frame are operable or move up and down, which improves air circulation and makes full screens ideal.

Casements- have hinges on one side, like a door, and a crank lets you open them outward. These are typically ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as over a kitchen sink or laundry room.

Picture windows- are very popular, consisting of one pane of glass, and because they do not open they are very easy to maintain- you don’t have to worry about any parts or mechanics to open the window breaking. Typically they work best in living rooms.



If you want to choose a window that will help minimize the costs of heating and cooling, choosing the right windows is a crucial step for you. Budget friendly windows that will help you save money in the long run do exist. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. You can start by looking for the ENERGY STAR and NFRC labels. Also, choose a low U-factor for better ther­mal resistance in colder climates. Triple pane windows exceed the energy star requirements and are a great investment for comfort on cold winter nights. Admittedly, the payoff period is extremely long at about 25 years over double pane and thus the reason not required by building code.



Wood: Classic wood windows offer the best insulate value. Although, they do require more upkeep to keeping them looking nice and in good shape. If you live in a humid area we recommend choosing a different type of window because this could lead to wood rotting.

Vinyl: Most affordable. While being less expensive on the window spectrum, vinyl windows offer efficiency through insulated glass and a tight fit to reduce air leakage. But may be limited in color options.

Aluminum: Low cost and low maintenance. These windows are highly durable. The major drawback to aluminum-frame windows is their metal frame conducts heat easily. We highly recommend aluminum windows to those who live in high humidity and rainy areas.


Start Shopping

Last but not least. Shop around. Do more research about which windows will fit your budget and style. Take into consideration where you live and what your windows will have to endure. You will find the windows that will be best suitable for your home and for the best price if you look around and compare pricing.

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